Daniela Matos de Carvalho


I've spoke to crowds but meetups are the ones I'm more afraid of.

Unboxing Cryptography @ ReactJS Girls Meetup (Remote)

January 14, 2021


I have been reading about Cryptography recently. This is a motivational talk that tries to give an overview of cryptography (from the basics to some of its use cases).

Fixing accessibility on my website @ Ladies of Code Paris Meetup (Remote)

July 09, 2020


Besides explaining how I fixed most accessibility issues in this website, I also talk about how to create accessible forms.

WebSecurity 101 @ Require-lx Meetup (Lisbon, Portugal)

September 12, 2019


Basics and not-so-basics about web security. This talk tries to consolidate these topics and present interesting examples (e.g. using GraphQL). The video is available but unfortunately the recording is not perfect.

Accessibility: A Real Use Case @ ReactJS Girls Meetup (London, UK)

January 23, 2018


Explained A11Y concepts using UK Gov examples and also talked about day-to-day difficulties of a close friend.

Accessibility in Portugal: A real use case @ Braga.js Meetup (Braga, Portugal)

January 16, 2018


Explained A11Y concepts using PT Gov examples and also talked about day-to-day difficulties of a close friend.

The rise of HTTP/2 @ EmpireConf (NYC, USA)

October 12, 2017 to October 13, 2017


Amazing 2-day conference in NYC, I manage to meet a lot of interesting people. I manage to explain HTTP/2 using the metaphor of an orchestra.

Daniela at EmpireConf

ECMAScript: Understanding how JS evolves @ PixelsCamp Conference (Lisbon, Portugal)

September 28, 2017 to September 30, 2017


One of the most interesting talks I did. Unfortunately there is no recording from it. It was about how JavaScript evolves with TC39, what are the organizations behind it and what proposals are being discussed.

React Workshop @ JSDayES 2017 (Madrid, Spain)

May 12, 2017 to May 13, 2017

React workshop at the conference.

Podcast: Offline First as a Social Movement @ Offline Camp (un)Conference (Berlin, Germany)

April 28, 2017 to May 01, 2017


New Builders Podcast invited Daniela Matos de Carvalho of YLD, Myles Borins of Google, and Boaz Sender of Bocoup to talk about the Offline First community and the concept of Offline First as a social movement.

Learnings from HTTP/2 & Service Workers @ Offline Camp (un)Conference (Berlin, Germany)

April 28, 2017 to May 01, 2017


Passion talk in a unconference style!

Webinar: Step into the world of microservices using Node.js @ Youtube (Online/Remote)

April 16, 2017


Online webinar with me (from YLD) and Daniel Van Gils (from Cloud 66) to explore about Node.js and microservice deployment.

Let’s play with HTTP/2! @ NodeConf (Barcelona, Spain)

April 07, 2017


Gotcha! I finally understand HTTP/2 @ SEIUM 2017 (Braga, Portugal)

January 09, 2017 to January 10, 2017


My coasters collection @ Opensoft Barcamp (Lisbon, Portugal)

April 01, 2017


Non technical talk about my personal coasters collection. I'm sorry but the video is in Portuguese.

React Fiber @ Reactivate London Meetup (London, UK)

December 06, 2016


This was the 1st event of Reactivate London Meetup. I talked about React Fiber before everyone started to talk about it ;)

Daniela at Reactivate London Meetup

How to be more softly open @ Opensoft Barcamp (Lisbon, Portugal)

April 30, 2016


Quick talk about open-source benefits. I'm sorry but the video is in Portuguese.

React: from zero to hero! @ Microsoft Webcamp Conference (Lisbon, Portugal)

December 02, 2015


This was a talk with some demos with an introduction to React.js.

REACTivating the web @ Require-lx Meetup (Lisbon, Portugal)

July 17, 2015


This was a talk & workshop. This was given with SΓ©rgio Ramos (@ramitos on Twitter) and was also a test for us with some exercises for a proper/professional client training.

10 minutes of HAPIness @ Nodeschool Event (Lisbon, Portugal)

June 26, 2015


what-is-HAPIness @ MediterraneaJS Conference (Barcelona, Spain)

June 22, 2015 to June 23, 2015


This talk was really cool to understand the request lifecycle in HAPI.js. First time in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities.

10 minutes of HAPIness @ Opensoft Barcamp (Lisbon, Portugal)

April 25, 2015


Quick talk about HAPI.js basics and relevant modules. I'm sorry but the video is in Portuguese.

HTML & CSS Basics @ CoderDojo LX (Lisbon, Portugal)

January 24, 2015


This presentation was given some times in CoderDojo LX and aims to help kids to start learning HTML and CSS.

AngularJS @ LisbonBigApps (Lisbon, Portugal)

July 11, 2014


Part-based Construction of digitized 3D objects @ WSCG Conference (Pilsen, Czech Republic)

June 26, 2013


I did a publication about my master thesis and presented it in an international conference. It was about creating a segmented reconstruction of 3D physical objects using a low-cost camera. This was my first talk ever.