Daniela Matos de Carvalho

about me

Hello! I’m an engineer that loves to play with JavaScript (I’ve been using React.js and Node.js for several years). I’m usually more front-end oriented but I also believe that Hapi.js is amazing. I worked with completely different businesses so far: travel, services/authentication, news, sports, tooling, health and e-commerce.

I’m always searching to learn something new and gain new skills (not only tech skills!). Besides JS I love to learn new stuff with my two sons and taking photographs. I do pilates twice a week and I tried yoga for two years before that. I played football for some years.

I already gave minimal contributions in some relevant open-source projects, but I never focused in one in particular. I am truly committed to the projects I am professionally in and I already led some front-end teams. I like to attend to conferences and meetups from time to time and I was a speaker 20-25 times. I was the main organiser of the JS meetup in Lisbon, and Nodeschool Lisbon event for four years.

I also like teaching and I already created React.js/ES6/Node.js/GraphQL training materials, gave some courses in public events (meetups) and training in companies events (both on-site and remote). I also participated as a mentor on few CoderDojo Lisbon events.

My main interest areas are: web protocols, web security and accessibility. Btw, I volunteer 1hour/week to be with a blind 70yr old amazing hacker!

Please note that any opinions you find in my personal website are my own and do not represent my employer.